Infants & Toddlers

At Apple Tree Children’s Centers, we have designated infant rooms, where parents and teachers work together to design daily routines to meet each infant's physical needs. Every day there are opportunities for small group interactions, sensory-based learning experiences all while receiving positive, nurturing guidance from highly qualified teachers.
They’re walking now and they want to explore. Our lesson plans are designed to give these high-energy little ones the non-stop fun activities they need to satisfy their curiosity. Hands-on activities and the introduction of self-help skills like hand washing and potty training begin in this program.Our educational programs start in the infant room. Lesson plans include reading stories, sign language, music fine motor gross motor and sensory stimulation.
They’re becoming more independent and opinionated. They’re able to articulate what they want, what they like and what they don’t like. They’re mastering words, stories, ABC’s, songs, playground equipment, hand washing and potty training.


You can rest assured when you leave your little one with us they will get the best possible care.

School Age

Our School Age program is more than managed play. Kids get to let off steam but they continue to learn.

Summer Program

Our summer program is perfect for younger children, too! This is much more than just daycare. All summer long, children will continue to learn and grow with fun themed activities and special guests, in a comfortable, nurturing child care setting.